Yoga levels

Yoga in Daily Life means 'to practice Yoga in one's daily life'. This means upholding the percepts of the Yoga teachings in daily life', by making positive contributions to one's society, the environment and all living beings.

Beginners Level 1

In the Level 1 course you learn “Sarva Hitta Asanas”, postures that are good for everyone.  It covers all the foundations you need for an ongoing Yoga practice. Loosening your body, the joints and your mind.  The exercises are designed for the complete balance and awakening of energy in Body, Mind and Soul.
Experience Yoga postures, breath techniques, meditation and relaxation along with knowledge about basic Yoga philosophy and a healthy lifestyle.
A wonderful course for new beginners and those looking to deepen their practical experience of yoga.
Beginners Level 2

Following on from Level 1 , these sessions will take you deeper into Yoga so you gain more from the practice of Yoga in Daily Life, for strength, energy and wellbeing.
The Level 2 postures assist and can help correct poor posture, they strengthen the body and help in gaining energy.
These classical postures exert a far reaching effect on all bodily functions as well as the mind, in this way you’ll observe that Asanas not only influence the body but also one’s entire personality. leave each class feeling calm and strong. This course is a joy to practice and the benefits are far reaching.

Wellbeing Level 3

Enjoy the benefits of a progressive Yoga practice in these ultimate 12 week courses, leading you further and further into Yoga. Learn new postures that awaken energy and develop your body's vital strength and flexibility further. These classes are for those with previous Yoga experience, and who are looking for more understanding and self-awareness through Yoga. We focus a lot on the Manipur Chakra, mantras and practice Suraya Namaskar, instead of Khatu Pranam in this series of Level 3.
The techniques and postures in Level 3 are both energizing and dynamic, they help to improve overall wellbeing and physical fitness.

Intermediate Level 4

Also a 12 week series, the pre-requisite to join this class is the training in Levels 1-3. As once you have reached this level you have become an advanced yoga student. Here so much more attention is required on slow, conscious, concentrated practice. Remaining in each position for a longer period of time will enable you to experience the influence of the Asanas upon body, mind and soul, you begin to percieve the vital energy that is stimulated through your body in each of the postures. The meditation in this level deepens the concentration (Dharana), and the pranayama is held for longer.  

Advanced Level 5

Progressing through the next 12 weeks, and learning some dynamic and wonderful new postures you’ll feel even more alive, fresh and connected with your Self. You will have already realised that yoga is so much more than physical training. Yoga is a method to control and overcome inner disturbances and restlessness, such as poor concentration, dissatisfaction, depression. When the thought process is directed towards objects it takes the form of that object, and that mental state. Through the yoga practices we can achieve a controlled stilling of the thoughts and liberate ourselves from the erroneous identifications, changing the state of our consciousness. Besides Asanas and Pranayam a further step now included in our daily practice is deep concentration. Concentration is a preliminary practice for meditation, observing the body, mind and senses. Techniques of this level will help you to develop your concentration ability.

Advanced Level 6

Yoga now becomes as much a spiritual discipline as a healthy tool to maintain balance and harmony on and off the mat. Immense progress has been made on the yoga path by the systematic practice of Asanas, Pranayam and concentration. With experience we learn the importance of keeping focus on our goals and practice with confidence. Yoga calms the mind and develops the power of discrimination between the good and bad choices, Yoga develops our Viveka, the aspect of the intellect which guides us towards the correct understanding and right decisions in life. One of the most important tasks now, apart from the physical, breathing and concentration exercises is to train the intellect and to use it correctly. Yoga ignites in us the light of inner wisdom and we will gain the clarity about who we are, why we are standing for and what are the right actions to take in our life.

Advanced Level 7

The greatest happiness and the greatest gift from god is human life. A fool is the one who does not realise this and carelessly wastes precious gift. In daily practice so far you have gained your own understanding and experience of the effects of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation upon body, mind and soul. The next step is consider more deeply the purpose of your life, through following questions: Where do i come from? What is the meaning of life? What duty must I fulfil in this life? Where will I go after this life?
Within the practice of yoga this answers will be found. On the path to this goal you become free of many health problems, mental worries and fears. You can set yourself free of inner qualities that disturb you such as anger, egoism, hatred, attachment, envy… You will develop great self-awareness and ability to analyse your thoughts. The qualities such as patience, love and perseverance will develop in you.

Advanced Level 8

The more wisdom you possess the more humble becomes your mind.
The more understanding you develop; the more helpful become your actions.
The more goodness residing in your heart the more love you will feel for everything.
We now come to the final level of asanas-padmasana (lotus) and the practice of various postures in padmasana. Padmasana is known as the supreme asana. It is the only sitting posture in which the spine is completely upright so that the lungs are entirely free for breathing.
Padmasana opens the Chakras along the spine. As the qualities of each Chakra begin to unfold, the Yoga aspirant is opened to diverse level of consciousness, full of wisdom, understanding and goodness. In yoga the lotos is symbol of divine consciousness and love.

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