sarita-bIt is complicated for me to elaborate on how "I came to Yoga" or "introduced to Yoga", since Yoga has become part of my life. Yoga surrounds me, and yoga is my thoughts, my actions and my words. I feel that Yoga has always been a major part of me, lived always inside me, and just as equally is shared by the outer world.

However, there is no use to pretend that if a few years ago (when this Eternal Yoga in me was still deeply sleeping) someone carelessly would have lifted a curtain above The Future and let me had a peek at myself today, I would be very much surprised.

No, I haven’t plaited flowers into my hair, or started walking barefoot, or wrapped up in sari. The name of the system that I practice “Yoga in Daily Life” is not by accident. We learn this precise art of being real Yogis and at the same time we are active socially, healthy physically and mentally.

I'm 26. I was brought up in Moscow, but once I came for vacation to my hometown Tbilisi, and didn't want to leave. I always loved music, art and literature, but followed my mathematically inclined mind and graduated the American University for Humanities with the degree in Business. Currently I work in the field of advertisement. Despite seemingly non-yogic type of my work, I came to believe that my profession has helped me to learn more about people and their wishes.

As to Yoga, majority of excellent Yogis that I know came to yoga initially to improve their health, but at the end found their Inner Self. I had not betrayed my nature and picked up alternative way. First I relieved of obsolete, then met a Guru, received Mantra, and only then came to my very first Yoga class. At the same time I should confess I didn't feel immediate overwhelming sensation. But with every next lesson I came closer to realization that I have found what I have longed for - My Way, Universal Remedy and Meaning.

I love to observe the way Yoga is changing me, my body, my mind, and my attitude to the world around me. These changes are rapid, vivid, and involve all facets of my life. As a yoga instructor, I do not consider myself being a mentor to anybody. But it would be my joy to share with you the wisdom of my beloved Guru along with my own experience in Yoga.