Swamiji - The Founder

Affectionately known as Swamiji, he is the disciple and successor of Paramhans Swami Madhavanandaji. In 1998 the spiritual community of the Maha Nirvani Akhara in India and the Shankaracharya (head of Hinduism), consecrated him as Mahamandaleshwar. more>

Yoga Cave

The Yoga Cave is the first yoga studio in Tbilisi. This is a truly hidden oasis of warmth, coziness and serenity. An original interior design, old Georgian bricks, dimmed lights and Indian incense make you feel like you have escaped to an exotic dwelling. more>

Our instructors

Our teachers are long-time practitioners of "Yoga in Daily Life", all of them are disciples of the system's founder, and they are dedicated to providing you with a wonderful yoga experience. more>

Our classes

The system’s Yoga In Daily Life classes encompass all parts of the science of yoga: yoga asanas (physical postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises), relaxation, meditation, yoga nidra (special technique of deep relaxation) more>

Lineage - Heritage

Long ago, the essence of Yoga was revealed in the world's oldest spiritual scriptures, the Vedas. For many centuries, before these texts were written, the Holy traditions were transmitted orally from Master to disciple. more>


Yoga in Daily Life offers students and practitioners of Yoga from around the globe a home to retreat. There are many amazing centres in various parts of the world dedicated to sharing the time-honored, rich heritage of Yoga sciences. more>