Yoga Cave

Thousands of years ago ancient sages were sitting and meditating in the caves in the Himalayas. During meditations they were exposed to numerous revelations about life, the Universe and God. Spontaneously, they adopted some new postures and began breathing in very unique ways. Then they conveyed to others their newly-found knowledge and experiences. This is how Yoga – the science of body, mind, soul and consciousness - came to us.

When we visited the would-be Yoga Cave for the first time, it did not appear even remotely close to what it looks like today. But the vaulted ceilings and old brick walls immediately reminded us of those legendary Himalayan caves and we pictured how enjoyable it would be to practice yoga in such a peaceful environment. Although the transformation of the place into the Yoga Cave lasted for nine months, “our baby” gradually took shape and finally the opening ceremony for the Yoga Cave took place in the beginning of December 2010.

The Yoga Cave is the first yoga studio in Tbilisi. This is a truly hidden oasis of warmth, comfort, coziness and serenity expanding over 230 square meters. It includes two large halls (80 square meters each), a tea lounge, changing rooms and bathrooms. Heated floors make the Cave suitable for practicing yoga during even the coldest days of the year. Its location primarily below ground level and custom-built ventilation system provide the Cave with a refreshing coolness even in the hottest days of the year. An original interior design, old Georgian bricks, dimmed lights and Indian incense make you feel like you have escaped to a very exotic dwelling in the Orient.

In the Tea Lounge you can relax with a complimentary cup of tea or some herbal infusion with something sweet, talk about life with friends, admire the artwork of our artist-friends, read a book from our library, or just unwind on our comfortable mattresses and pillows. Visit us! We are sure you will love the Yoga Cave!