Live a Noble Life Without Violence to Animals


The pain that an animal feels is the same as what a human feels and the process of death is also the same...
World peace, protection of the environment and protection of animals is what all humans should be working for today. We have many examples to motivate us in the right direction. Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Mother earth has everything for our need, but not enough for our greed.” 

Greed is like an out of control fire – it will burn everything. Greed is the reason that animals suffer, because humans want to eat their flesh or to use their skin.  Animals throughout the world suffer, they are tortured in such horrible ways. In Canada for example, humans kill seals with sticks, beating to death millions of newborn babies ! 

The one who is greedy, is blind and unfortunately due to that blindness, the greedy one is capable of doing very bad deeds. Greed is a huge problem we face in today’s world. How cruel it is to cut the neck of a living creature! The pain that an animal feels is the same as what a human feels and the process of death is also the same. When a cow or pig is brought to the slaughter-house they don’t die once, they die a thousand times because the situation is so bad and the pain so unbearable. Unfortunately, animals cannot speak, they don’t know our language and there is no one to hear them.

Who is responsible? Even if the consumers of meat do not actually kill the animal themselves, they are responsible for its death. It is said that the person who sells the meat creates more sin than the slaughterer and the person who eats the meat creates even more. Humans must come to this realization and return to a more natural way of life.

Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chairman of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) who received the Peace Nobel Prize on behalf of this Commission, said in his acceptance speech: “To solve the problem of climate change and to have enough food, there is only one way: become vegetarian.”

“To be vegetarian means to lead a noble way of life”   - Mahatma Gandhi

All is not lost, for God gave humans intellect and therefore we have the ability to make informed decisions about what to eat and what not. GandhiJi also said: “To be vegetarian means to lead a noble way of life”. Today, more and more people throughout the world have raised their consciousness to live as vegetarians. The yoga perspective that supports vegetarianism is the precept: Ahimsa Paramo Dharma “non-violence is the highest duty”. Don’t cause pain to anyone.

For the sake of the life of this planet and for our children, we need to return to a more natural lifestyle. Dear brothers and sisters, to live a spiritual life does not mean to meditate only, it means to live a noble way of life through proper actions!