mahaprabhujiThe great Indian saint and God-Realized master Bhagvan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji lived and worked in Rajasthan, India, from 1828 until 1963.

His life was full of innumerous wonderful events and deeds. Many fellow-men, who still are alive today, testify his miracles. The ashram of Sri Mahaprabhuji in Bari Khatu on the edge of the Thar-Desert soon became a place of pilgrimage after his physical parting from this world. Striving ones from all over the world come to feel the holy radiance that permeates this place.

Sri Mahaprabhuji dedicated his whole life to the service of all creatures. He gave to all who came to him the unchanging and supreme truth of SAT SANATAN DHARMA, regardless of their religion or nationality, gender or social position.

SAT SANATAN DHARMA is the eternal ruling "religion", which is above all "confessions", and connects and unites all living beings. It states that all living beings carry the same divine spark within them.

"Love each living being just as much as you love yourself". This sentence is the essence of Sri Mahaprabhuji's message to the mankind. "To love" means: to understand, forgive, help, give. All living beings, humans and animals, are the children of the Lord and a part of Him. The task of human life is to recognize that truth and to realize it on the Earth. That means to give up separating egoism and narrow-minded selfishness, to live in unity and harmony with all living beings. Humans should cooperate, help and support each other.

At the age of 135 years Sri Mahaprabhuji left the Earth on that day and hour, which he predicted already one year in advance.