chetan-bI was born in 1982. I graduated from Georgian Technical University in IT field. Then I studied in Italy for 1 year. Last 4.5 years I lived in Czech Republic where I came in touch with Yoga. Those years were full of practice, retreats, seminars and karma yoga at the Ashram. My life before Yoga and after is as different as night and day. 24 hours a day one is fully conscious of himself, life and the whole universe. Life is full of meaning. Yoga affects each second of my life in all possible ways. Every decision which I make considers Yogic principles, like truthfulness, non-violence, non-egoism etc. As for the health - never before I was so healthy and full of energy.I don't really remember when I got sick last time since I practice Yoga.

They say - practice makes one master. Day by day I'm finding something new in those techniques which I practice already several years. And especially when one teaches he gets totally new insight and understanding of those techniques. Knowledge is actually endless, as my Guru says. Talking about a Guru - I can definitely say that, for me at least, Guru is an ultimate answer to all questions. They say one gets self realization by realizing who is a Guru. I met my Guru in 2012 and from that very moment flow of life has changed. That year actually was quite prominent: my brother and my mother also became disciples. So we are a family of Yogis :)
In 2013 my brother and I traveled to India and attended the biggest spiritual gathering in the world - MahaKumbhaMela, together with our Guru and many other people, practitioners of YIDL system from all the corners of the world. That was life changing experience, full of Sadhus, Mantras, Chili and Indian smiling faces.

During my stay in Europe I was attending many seminars in Czech Republic, Austria and Spain led by our Guru or YIDL instructors. They were full of practice and wisdom about science of Yoga, its physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects. After a while an idea of becoming instructor awakened by itself in me. I've attended many YIDL instructor seminars and finally successfully passed an examination in Prague. And after some time another idea awakened - that probably the best place where I could be the most useful was Georgia, so I decided to return back to my homeland. With the help of some divine constellation :) I managed to convince directors of the company where I was working, to open a branch in Georgia, and that idea was successfully realized. And yes, even though my prime duty is to be a channel of my Guru's wisdom about science of Yoga - I have "normal" work, managing group of software developers, assisting our European partner companies with implementations.

I can tell about our system that it is a way to health, peace and harmony leading to the unity with oneself and with the whole universe. It is a way to self-realization. The system was founded in 1970, and nowadays it's spread all over the world. Every day in hundreds of yoga centers it's practiced by thousands of people.

I wish everyone to find peace and harmony in their hearts, to be successful in life and to realize their true self.